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2018 Transportation Supervisors Course 1 and 2
by Jeffrey Gnagey - Monday, 18 December 2017, 11:01 AM

Will be available by July 1st 2018.  Classroom instruction will begin in late March 2018.

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Transportation Supervisor Course 2016 - Part 2
by Jeffrey Gnagey - Monday, 18 April 2016, 9:59 AM

The Transportation Supervisor CEP Course 2016 - Part 2 is up and ready to enroll. Please edit your user profile and go to the category labeled Optional. Add your Transportation Number from your card in the blank that says ID number.  Then,  Use the enrollment key given to you by your Transportation Agency to enroll in part 2 and take the class.  Best Wishes!!

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Trouble with Videos???
by Jeffrey Gnagey - Tuesday, 12 April 2016, 9:41 AM

Some reports have been made --- when using a school internet service --- of videos taking 5-10 minutes to load.  Please report to your Network Administrator that they need to check for blocking of IP address - from Wayne RESA.  This has caused loading problems. Ask them if they can ...

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by Jeffrey Gnagey - Tuesday, 12 April 2016, 9:34 AM

Remember, when creating a password you will need an Uppercase letter, a Lowercase letter, a number and a $ymbol (i.e.-- !@#$%&).  Check the Junk Mail Filter on the email account you used to create your log-in.  You must click on that link in that email to become an approved user on this site!  You then can proceed to your course and enter the "enrollment key" which is a special password that gives you access to your course.  That Enrollement Key is given to you by your Transportation Agency.