Transportation Supervisors Continuing Education On-Line Courses

Program Goals: (Hours 1, 2 and 3 of required training for certification)

  • 1. Highlight local school bus fleets’ innovative activities, materials, and procedures.
    2. Promote identifying and sharing innovative activities, materials, and procedures across all Michigan school bus fleets.
    3. Identify and describe specific issues and questions, e.g. federal and state physical standards and school bus railroad crossing conflicts, confronting school bus fleet administrators.
    4. Review bills before the legislature and The Michigan Association for Pupil Transportation’s Legislative Agenda for the 2015-16 legislative session.
  • Mr. Darryl Hofstra Managing Emergencies Forest Hills Public Schools
  • Mr. Douglas Francis School Bus Pre-Trip Gaylord Community Schools Inspection
  • Ms. Betty Nelson Micro Professional Lowell Area Schools Development
  • Michelle Metdepenningen Macro Professional Utica Community Schools Development
  • Sergeant Joe Austin School Bus Driver Michigan Department of Medical Examination Standards State Police Medical Waiver Board
  • Mac Dashney Summary, Wrap-up, & Evaluation Pupil Transportation Operation & Management Institute

The Part II presentations include hours four (4), five (5), and six (6) of the required biennial six-hour training.  The theme for this training cycle is “School Bus Nuts and Bolts.”  The program’s focus is on both innovative programs developed by local transportation supervisors and on resources available to fleet administrators.

Federal & State: Laws, Regulations, and Rules
 Sgt. Mike McLaughlin   Prioritize Laws, Regs, & Rules     Mich State Police
 Ms. Jean Ruestman       Apply Laws, Regs, & Rules           MDOT                                      
 Mr. John Harris              Implement Laws, Regs, Rules      MDoS
 Mr. Ken Micklash           Oversee Laws, Regs, & Rules      MDoE
School Bus Multiple Camera Systems
  Mr. George Gibson         Multiple Camera Systems         Perry Public Schools
Driver Alert System – Evaluation Project
State Rep. Holly Hughes       What & Why Needed         MI House of Representatives
 Mr. Paul Wegmeyer             Project Specifications         West Ottawa Public Schools
                                                                                                 MAPT Legislation Committee
 Mr. John VanLoon                District Perspective             Ravenna Public Schools
 Mr. Tim Funk                         Fleet Operation                   Ravenna Public Schools

Summary, Wrap-up, and Evaluation

Mac Dashney                 Context of Traffic Safety                TAAM
                                         DAS-EP Data
                                         Legislative Activities
                                         Website: Addresses & Resources
                                         Continuing Education Archives
                                         Program Evaluations